Lintelkku A NSV browser by Sami Hekkanen
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Things you need to get lintelkku working:
Install Lintelkku (Ubuntu and other debian based distros):

Install MPlayer and w32codecs if you already haven't done that. Instructions for that can be found from Ubuntuguide.

Install php4-cli:
sudo apt-get install php4-cli

Install libgtk1.2:
sudo apt-get install libgtk1.2

Install libglade0:
sudo apt-get install libglade0

Download php-gtk from downloads into your homefolder

Install php-gtk:
sudo dpkg -i php-gtk_1.0.2-1_i386.deb

Download Lintelkku from downloads into your homefolder

Unpack Lintelkku:
bunzip2 -cd lintelkku-0.13.tar.bz2 | tar xvf - 

Launch Lintelkku:
cd lintelkku
chmod +x lintelkku

Uninstall Lintelkku:

Remove Lintelkku folder from your homefolder:
cd --
rm -rf lintelkku